Comprehensive Eye Exams

We use the latest technology in our eye exams.

Eyesight exam in clinic with Asian doctor and female patient

Our eye exams include:

Physical Eye Health Exam: the external and internal parts of the eye are examined using special instruments including a slit lamp biomicroscope, binocular indirect ophthalmoscope and focusing lenses. Your pupils may be dilated with eye drops for some of these tests.

Refraction: this test determines your eyeglass prescription. An important part of prescribing eyeglasses is understanding how our patients use their eyes and vision. Whether the glasses be for work or leisure, our precise measurements will get you to see as clear and comfortable as possible.

Binocular Vision Testing: there is a lot more to our vision than just seeing 20/20. We also test to see how well the eyes work together by checking one’s focusing system, depth perception, and eye muscle movements.

Glaucoma Screening: glaucoma is an eye condition that is painless, and for the most part, is slow developing; therefore, people often times do not even know they may be developing it. One of the risk factors for glaucoma is high pressures within the eyes. We measure the pressures using a technique called tonometry. Most people know this test as either the “air puff test” or the “blue light test.”