Refractive Surgery

For some patients, glasses and contact lenses are not the answer. There are many types of eye surgeries. Some are elective and some are necessities. We will help these patients anyway we can.

There are several choices for refractive surgery, but by far the most popular is LASIK. Some individuals may not qualify for LASIK  for reasons such as a thin corneas, severe myopia or hyperopia, or astigmatism that goes beyond laser treatment zones. There are other options available for individuals who fall within any of these categories. Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), Intracorneal Ring Segments (Intacs), and the Visian Intracorneal Lens (ICL) implant.

We will provide information regarding all refractive surgical treatments that are available as well as help the patient set up their consultation with a top refractive surgeon in the Greater Boston area. Not only will we direct you to reputable surgeon, we will also provide your pre-operative and post-operative care right here at Lickteig Family Eye Care. You will need to see the surgeon we refer to you for additional specialized testing prior to your surgery.  The additional visits required for post-operative care can be handled at our office to save you the time/distance of getting to the surgeons office.

It is important that you spend time with any surgeon who is going to be working on your eyes, prior to your surgery.

You will be able to develop a rapport with the surgeon. It is also important that the surgeon is able to personally examine your eyes, so he/she may develop a custom treatment specifically to meet your needs.    (For example, some patients find their distance vision more important. These patients may elect to be corrected better for distance vision, while possibly requiring a magnifier reader. This is typical for patients over 40 undergoing laser vision correction). This is one of several types of custom treatments that will be discussed during your consultation both with our office and the physician office we refer you to.