Co-Management With Lickteig Family Eye Care

We are able to provide information regarding all refractive and cataract surgery treatments that are available.

We are also able to help our patients set up a consultation with world renowned surgeons throughout the Greater Boston area. We partner with top-notch ophthalmologists for surgical co-management for treatment of refractive error or cataract surgery with upgraded premium lenses. Not only will we direct you to reputable surgeon, we will also provide your pre-operative and post-operative care right here at Lickteig Family Eye Care.

You will need to see the surgeon we refer to you for additional specialized testing prior to your surgery.You will also need to see your surgeon for some post-operative care as mandated by the surgeon and insurance guidelines. Additional post-operative care visits, beyond the surgeon and insurance protocols, can be handled at our office to save you the time/distance of getting to the surgeons office.

It is important that you spend time with any surgeon who is going to be working on your eyes, prior to your surgery.

Whether you elect to be co-managed for refractive error or the removal of cataracts, you will be able to develop a rapport with the surgeon. It is also important that the surgeon is able to personally examine your eyes, so he/she may develop a custom treatment specifically to meet your needs.

There are several refractive surgery options for treatment of refractive error. There are also several options for the type of implantable lens, (specialized upgraded lenses to minimize your need for glasses after cataract surgery), you may choose after cataract surgery.  Although we will discuss corrective surgical options in depth at Lickteig Family Eyecare and discuss what we feel is the best treatment to get you the best visual result – a second opinion is always wise.  The surgeon will be able to ascertain and reinforce the surgical treatment selected through our discussion.

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