There are many different types of contact lenses; therefore, there are many different types of contact lens fits. We offer contact lens fittings to ensure your best corrected visual acuity is being achieved.

New Wearers: A contact lens fit for a new wearer is a little bit more involved when compared to that of someone who has been wearing them. Not only do we find the proper fitting and comfortable contact lens, but we also educate the new wearer on inserting and removing them, the differences between types of solutions, caring for your contacts, as well as other important pieces of information. Our contact lens fitting also includes checking the lenses after their fit to reassure both the new wearer and the doctor that the contact lenses are working well.

Sphere Fit: A spherical fit is our most basic fit. To fit somebody in a sphere contact lens, their prescription cannot be too complicated. Although sphere contact lenses have been around for quite some time, their technology keeps improving. Newer sphere contact lenses are not only more healthy and more comfortable for our eyes, but they are also available in a wide variety of wearing schedules including daily disposable contact lenses.

Toric Fit: Not everybody has a simple prescription to correct their vision. When somebody has a certain amount of astigmatism in their prescription, a sphere contact lens will not provide enough clarity. An astigmatism or toric lens will provide that clarity. Although a little bit more specialized when compared to a sphere contact lens, toric lenses have become much more readily available in recent years and offer comfort comparable to sphere contact lenses.

Multifocal and Monovision Fit: As contact lens technology improves, so does what we can achieve with them. For many people over the age of 40, the need for bifocals or reading glasses becomes very important. This can greatly inconvenience these people, especially if they’ve never worn glasses in the past. A multifocal or monovision fit will allow this patient population to not only see well at the distance but also up close, which will keep them out of those irritating reading glasses.

Gas Permeable Fit: A GP, or gas-permeable contact lens, is different from a soft contact lens. It is smaller and more rigid than a soft lens; however, they provide optimal clarity for hard-to-fit prescriptions.