Deciding between using contact lens or glasses for vision correction can be a tough question to answer. Contacts are just as easy to use as glasses and offer the same benefits. Find out what you need to know to make the switch from glasses to contacts.

Benefits of Contact Lens Over Glasses

Contacts offer you many of the same benefits as glasses. Glasses may be the old standby of optometrists everywhere, but contacts today are easier than ever to use. There are several advantages of contact lens over glasses, such as:

  • Contacts free your peripheral vision, which glasses can obstruct.
  • If you live an active lifestyle you don’t have to worry about your glasses getting lost or broken.
  • Color contacts that change the color of your eyes let you explore a new look.
  • Contacts won’t fog during cold weather.

Conditions Treated by Contact Lens

Contacts are used to treat a wide array of vision problems, with some designed to address specific concerns, such as dry eye and myopia. Since there are several different kinds of contact lens available, it’s wise to check with your eye doctors to determine which kind would be the best fit for you. Certain kinds of contacts are designed to alter your eye shape to improve vision, while others are designed to be worn for several days if you have trouble remembering to take them out. Problems that can be corrected by using contacts include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Astigmatisim
  • Myopia
  • Keratoconus
  • Presbyophobia

How Our Eye Doctors Can Help

Serving Medford, Boston, and Natick, Dr. Lickteig and his staff can help you find the right contacts for you. A thorough exam helps rule out any underlying conditions that may be affecting your vision and determines what size and kind of contacts you need. Even if you’ve never used contacts before, our staff will walk you through the process of putting contacts in and how to properly care for them. If you’re ready to make the leap from wearing glasses to contacts, contact our office today to schedule an exam.

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