If you regularly experience dry eyes, finding an appropriate treatment is a priority. Contacting Lickteig Family Eye Care to meet with one of our eye doctors is an option. Our practice is available for those living in the Medford, Boston, and Natick areas. Here is some information about this condition as well as dry eye treatment options available when you visit one of our optometrists.

What Dry Eye Is

Dry eye is the term used to describe the condition of not having enough tears to lubricate the eyes effectively. Our eyes require moisture to keep them in optimal health. If there is a lack of tears, a variety of symptoms may show up. These are anywhere from mildly uncomfortable to painful. Our eye doctors will explain this condition to you and make recommendations regarding treatment if you are indeed suffering from this problem.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

If you are suffering from dry eye, you may feel as if there is a foreign body in your eye. This could make your eyes feel scratchy or itchy. Redness may be noticed in affected eyes as lubrication is not present to keep your eyes looking healthy. Some find that their vision becomes a bit blurry when they suffer from dry eye syndrome. The sensation of burning could also become present in affected eyes.

How Our Optometrists Treat Dry Eye

Lubricating drops may be prescribed to keep your eyes moist. If these do not work, our optometrists may recommend having small plugs placed in the eyes to keep them hydrated. This is a surgical procedure that is performed in our practices. Applying heat to the eyes and massaging them gently could also yield effective results. Our optometrists will assess the intensity of dryness you are experiencing and discuss treatment options with you after eye tests are conducted.

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