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Dry Eye affects millions of Americans with bothersome symptoms and can even affect the ability to wear contact lenses comfortably. We, at Lickteig Family Eyecare, recognize that many risk factors for Dry Eye can be prevented with several current effective treatments which are now available.

What is Dry Eye? 

Dry Eye is a chronic condition in which there is either decreased tear production or excessive tear drainage leading to a decreased tear film across the cornea (front, clear layer of the eye). Dry Eye can be due simply to aging or due to certain medical conditions (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus), medications like antihistamines and environmental conditions such as increased wind or smoke.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

The typical symptoms of Dry Eye include a “gritty” or “scratchy” feeling of the eyes especially with blinking, a burning feeling, excess watering of the eyes and blurred vision. Since the tears lubricate the cornea and help prevent infections, a decreased tear flow and resultant dry eye syndrome can lead to an increased risk of infections of the eye. Damage due to a dry eye condition can include abrasions or ulcers of the cornea and even impaired vision.

Prevention Management and Treatments for Dry Eye

Current treatments from our eye doctors in Boston, Medford, and Natick include a recommendation to use preservative free Artificial Tears and prescriptions for specialized medications to increase tear production. Other treatments of Dry Eye by our eye doctors can also involve advisement to take omega 3 fatty acid supplements. Prescriptions for medications in either ointment or drop form to treat eyelid infections and ocular irritations can help to decrease Dry Eye.

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At our Lickteig Family Eyecare offices in Boston, Medford, Dedham, and Natick our optometrists will provide the very best in dry eye treatment. After a diagnostic workup, our eye doctors will determine the best possible dry eye treatment including Artificial Tears and medicated ointments or drops. Call us today for an appointment for dry eye evaluation and treatment at either our Boston office at 617-988-8136, our Dedham office at 781-329-0067, our Natick office at 508-653-0919 or our Medford office at 781-350-7008.

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