When something goes seriously wrong with your eye, nothing else matters at that moment but getting the right kind of care as soon as possible. Corneal damage, foreign objects, and other threats can not only cause horrific pain, but they can also put your eyesight at risk. But don’t panic, because our trusted team at Lickteig Family Eye Care provides emergency eye care in Dedham, Medford, Boston, and Natick.

When Is It an Emergency?

Even a minor irritation in one or both eyes can feel like an emergency situation. But a genuine emergency poses a clear and present danger to your ocular health, which is why it must be diagnosed and treated immediately by our eye doctors. While it isn’t always easy to tell when you have an emergency situation, common examples of eye emergencies include:

  • Chemical spills – Corrosive chemicals in the eye can do serious damage in a short amount of time.
  • Foreign objects – A foreign object that flies into your eye may damage the cornea or even embed itself in the eye tissue.
  • Eye infections – If you have severe conjunctivitis or some other acute infection, your eyes might be at risk of damage.
  • Floaters – Floaters or other sudden vision changes might indicate a retinal emergency.
  • Angle-closure glaucoma – Sudden eye pain accompanied by headaches, nausea or significant vision changes may signal an attack of angle-closure glaucoma, which can produce permanent vision loss.

Prompt, Sight-Saving Care from Our Optometrists

In most cases, it makes sense to bring an eye emergency to Lickteig Family Eye Care right away but you may also want to call us first so we can determine whether there any first-aid procedures you should perform immediately. When you arrive, our optometrists will quickly and accurately assess your eyes and any symptoms you’re experiencing to isolate the problem. Foreign objects can often be fished out gently without much difficulty while rinsing the eyes can dilute corrosive substances. A serious infection may respond to antibiotics or other drugs. We can even administer drugs to lower your internal eye pressure, saving your eyes from an attack of angle-closure glaucoma. If your condition requires more intensive treatment, we can refer you to a surgeon or other specialist.

Contact our Optometrists at Lickteig Family Eye Care Today

When emergencies affect your eyes, don’t be afraid — be prepared, by having the information for our nearest clinic handy. Our eye doctors at Lickteig Family Eye Care are ready to swing into action and take the necessary steps to relieve your distress and protect your eyes from further harm!