Good Eye Care for Screen Users

Millions of people across the country rely on their computers for work, communication, and entertainment. While there’s no denying the benefits of this technology, it also comes with some health risks, especially for your eyes. At Lickteig Family Eye Care, serving Dedham, Medford, Natick, and Boston, MA, we can help with this. There are several ways you can practice good eye care if you regularly use screens.

Keep the Lights On

Having a well-lit environment is important, whether you’re at the office or working at home. If your computer screen is the only lighting source, it increases the likelihood that you’ll have eye strain. Place a small lamp beside your desk to reduce this risk.

Make Sure You’re Blinking

While it sounds relatively simple, you’d be surprised how long you can go without blinking. When you go without blinking, it can cause dry eyes or make your current condition worse. Try to blink more often and consult with our optometrist about proper eye drops if you have a job in front of a screen or your eyes begin to feel dry.

Use the Correct Brightness Setting

Your screen’s brightness should be similar to the source of light in the room. If you are writing or reading text, make sure the font is the appropriate size to ensure you’re not squinting as you try to read it. You should also consider blue light glasses to help with reducing glare and avoiding computer vision, or digital eye strain.

Visit Our Optometrists Regularly

It’s important to monitor eye health with our optometrists as part of overall wellness. Aside from a comprehensive evaluation, this allows you to ask any questions you have. Our eye doctor can make recommendations on how best to take care of your eyes.

Schedule Your Appointment

If your eyes are sore or dry after a long day at work, we can help. At Lickteig Family Eye Care, helping you maintain healthy eyes and vision is our priority. We serve Dedham, Medford, Natick, and Boston, MA. Call one of our offices today to make an appointment.

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