As a parent, you will do anything to help your child succeed and achieve their dreams. However, one of the most important things you can do is have regularly scheduled pediatric eye exams. At Lickteig Family Eye Care, we specialize in offering pediatric eye care solutions for children throughout Boston, Medford, Natick, Dedham, and surrounding areas.

We encourage you to reach out today for comprehensive pediatric eye care. Let us take a closer look at why pediatric eye care is critical for your child’s future.

What Is Pediatric Eye Care?

Pediatric eye care revolves around having regular eye exams and vision tests for your child. During an eye exam, an experienced optometrist at Lickteig Family Eye Care will conduct tests to make sure your child’s eyes are healthy and no underlying vision problems exist. If you have taken your child to their pediatrician or family practice doctor, they may have conducted vision screening.

While important, vision screening performed by a pediatrician or family doctor is no substitute for the formal eye exam or regular pediatric eye care by an experienced ophthalmologist or optometrist. At Lickteig Family Eye Care, our optometrists have received advanced training and have specialized clinical tools to perform thorough evaluations of your child’s eyes.

Why Is Pediatric Eye Care & Vision Exams Critical?

Pediatric eye exams are extremely important in determining if your child’s eyes are healthy and whether any type of refractive errors exist. Failure to detect these types of errors could potentially impact your child’s safety and hamper their scholastic performance. At the same time, early eye exams are vital to ensure your child has the following visual skills that are integral to their development:

  • Accurate eye movement skills
  • Excellent visual clarity at distances
  • Comfortable and accurate eye teaming skills
  • Comfortable and accurate focusing skills

When Should I Schedule an Eye Exam?

Your child should receive their very first eye exam at 6 months. Afterward, they should have their eyes examined at age 3 as well as before they enter first grade, which is usually around five or six. If your child is in school, they should receive pediatric eye care regularly at a minimum of every two years — if they require no vision correction. If your child does need contact lenses or eyeglasses, they should have annual eye exams by the experts at Lickteig Family Eye Care.

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At Lickteig Family Eye Care, we specialize in pediatric eye care for residents in and around Boston, Dedham, Natick, and Medford. In addition to children’s vision services, we offer eye care for the entire family. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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