Children can’t always tell you when they need pediatric eye care. As such, you should be aware of these telltale signs that might indicate it is time to visit our eye doctors at Lickteig Family Eye Care in Boston, Dedham, Natick, and Medford.

#1. Holding Books Close to The Face

Kids who are farsighted may compensate by placing books or other objects very close to their faces. You might also notice that your child is sitting much closer to the television than normal.

#2. Squinting

Squinting is a coping mechanism for those who are nearsighted. It can also help alleviate some of the distorted vision that is often common with astigmatism. You may notice squinting only in one eye, but it will usually happen in both.

#3. Poor Hand-Eye Coordination

Some children are naturally clumsier than others. However, if your child is significantly less developed than other kids, the reason could be poor vision. In particular, muscle imbalances often affect depth perception, thereby making hand-eye coordination more difficult.

#4. Frequently Rubbing the Eyes

Eyestrain is a side effect of poor vision and can cause the eyes to become fatigued more easily. As a result, you may notice your child frequently rubbing his or her eyes. Pediatric eye care can rule out underlying issues such as allergies that might be contributing to eye irritation as well.

#5. Recurring Headaches

Children tend to experience headaches less frequently than adults do. However, when kids have recurring headaches, it is because they often have trouble focusing.

#6. Tilting the Head

Head tilting is another mechanism used to compensate for poor eyesight in one eye. By tilting the head, your child can see images better.

Quality Pediatric Eye Care in Boston, Natick, Medford, and Dedham

All children need an eye examination by age six, or sooner if the above signs are noticed. Contact Lickteig Family Eye Care to schedule an exam for your child if you both live in Boston, Natick, Dedham, or Medford area.

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