At Lickteig Family Eyecare, we offer a range of optometry services in the Medford, Boston, and Natick areas. In addition to the standard vision concerns, our optometrists also see eye care concerns related to sports vision. So, here are some tips to ensure sports vision safety.

What are Sports Vision Injuries?

An estimated 30,000 sports vision injuries take place every year, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Most eye care concerns involve baseball and basketball injuries, though karate, boxing, paintball, racquetball, water sports, and other outdoor activities can also be dangerous. Most injuries don’t amount to more than bruising and redness, but more severe accidents can involve retinal detachment, a fractured eye socket or even blindness. Some side effects of sports can also involve regular and extended outdoor exertion, so some other possible eye care issues involve cataracts and tumors.

How Do You Prevent Sports Vision Injuries?

An estimated 90% of those safety issues could have been prevented if players used adequate eye care and safety. Here are a few tips to protect your eyes.

  • Wear the appropriate sports vision equipment to ensure your safety. That often includes safety glasses or goggles, but can also be face masks or other gear.
  • Avoid improper use of safety equipment. “Messing around” or horseplay can inadvertently affect your eye care safety.
  • Replace sports safety gear when they get broken, worn or otherwise compromised.
  • Keep those regularly scheduled visits to our optometry office to ensure that any unseen eye care issues are addressed.

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The goal of playing sports and engaging in other outdoor activities is to have fun and enjoy yourself, but eye care is also an important factor to consider. A few minutes of haphazard entertainment is not worth the lifetime of optometry visits or the potentially serious eye care issues. With offices in Boston, Medford, and Natick, we’re here to answer any questions and to ensure that all of your optometry needs are met. Our goal is to ensure that your sports vision is top-notch so you can continue to see those winning goals and those beautiful sunsets.

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