What to Do When You Have an Eye Injury

Eye injuries can occur at any time. The optometrists at Lickteig Family Eye Care want people to be aware that eye injuries can occur even in situations where people are participating in safe activities. If an eye injury occurs, it is important for people to be able to identify the type, so they can begin taking care of it as soon as possible. There are measures people need to take while they are in route to see a doctor for emergency eye care in Natick, Medford and the Boston areas. Here is some information about eye injuries, their symptoms and what to do when you sustain one.

 Chemical Injuries

People experience chemical injuries all the time, yet seldom take the necessary steps they should to protect their eyes. Chemical burns can occur if garden or cleaning products get into the eyes. Things like hair spray, shampoo and soap can also cause eye irritation and burns, yet people rarely flush their eyes after they have come into contact with these types of products. If these types of chemicals come into contact with the eyes you should immediately wash your hands. Flush the eye with tepid water for 15 minutes, remove your contacts and immediately seek emergency eye care services. Continue to flush the eyes while in route.

 Foreign Objects

Foreign objects can damage your eyes or cause vision loss. If something enters the eyes you should try blinking them to see if you can dislodge the object. Try to locate the object without rubbing the eye or embedding the object further. Try using artificial teardrops to rinse the object out of the eye. For objects that are stuck to the eyelid, flush the eye with water.

 Scratches and Cuts

If you scratch or cut your eye or its lid, you must seek emergency eye care services immediately. Cover the eye with a loosely covered bandage until you are seen by a doctor. Be certain not to apply pressure to the eye to avoid lodging the object further inward. Go to urgent care or an emergency room immediately.

 Don’t Put Your Vision at Risk

You should always attend to eye injuries when they occur, even when you think they are not serious. The eye doctors here at Lickteig Family Eye Care , serving Natick, Medford and the Boston areas;  advise people who experience loss of vision, stinging or burning of the eyes, bleeding from the eyes, double vision and bulging eyes to seek immediate care. Call us today to learn more about eye injuries or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment at one of our offices.

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